Carleys Career Zone

Carley's Career Zone
Welcome to my wicki - I found some new and relevant articles just today that are perfect for the Web2.0 wiki. In an article in The Seattle Times, by Stephanie Dunnewind, several teachers' experiences are talked about and so are FILTER issues. (That is my new "f" word!)
In another article from eSchool News on-line, the plight of universities having to compete for students and the technology that they are using to improve their websites is discussed at length. I am also linking an article on new graphics software that has just come out.
Let's explore some career topics.
When a business wants to sell you something, they usually start by sending you a flyer or brochure through the mail. The literature describes the product and explains reasons why you should buy it. If you're interested, you'll give them a call. So, your resume is your sales literature. You need a flyr to send out to employers. If they're interested in what you have to offer, they'll give you a call.