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The Adventure in the Haunted House


It was a dark and spooky night. The moon was high in the sky lighting up the path in front of us. The wind was blowing in gusts causing Mike to reach up and clutch his hat to keep it from blowing away. (Joel) Mike was a new student at school this semester. He and I had a class together, and had become good friends.

Mike and I were on a special mission. We were going to investigate the empty house at the end of the block. The house had been empty for years and rumors were spreading that it was haunted. Mike and I didn’t believe in ghosts and spooks. Our mission was to prove to everyone else that the empty house was just that – empty. When we got up to the sidewalk in front of the house a cloud covered the moon and it got very dark. The wind blew a big gust and Mike’s hat blew off. Chills went up our spines but we were determined. We looked at each other and walked up the front sidewalk.

[Carley] As I stepped up onto the porch, the board underneath my foot creaked and felt like it was going to give way. Mike took hold of my arm to steady me and I quickly moved forward to avoid disaster. Mike stepped to the threshold and went to try the doorhandle, the door swung open just before he touched it! It had to be the wind. My mind refused to think it was anything else. There was a rush of cold air from the open doorway. I wasn't sure I wanted to go any further.

A shiver ran down my spine. Then a screech came from below our feet. We both looked down to see a cat dart out between our legs pushing the front door to the house open further. Mike punched me in the arm and said, “You scaredy cat!” I punched him back and then we both laughed. It was good to break the heavy silence with loud laughter. All the rumors we had heard were turning us both into scaredy cats. “C’mon, let’s go in and prove all these stories wrong!” I said, heartily. Mike pushed opened the door wide and the moonlight spilled into the foyer and down the front hallway.

[Carley] As we stepped inside, the moon provided enough light for us to see the vague outline of a staircase to the right and a door underneath that. Our eyes were trying to adjust to the light (or lack thereof) when Mike turned to me and said, "Turn on the flashlight!" I said, "I don't have it, I thought you had it!". MIke patted his jacket pockets and sure enough the flashlight was there. "Sorry", he said. The beam from the flashlight wasn't very big, but as Mike swept the room with it, we could tell there were high ceilings and several rooms off the front hallway. We moved forward to explore and the open door behind us slammed shut! We both jumped a foot and Mike dropped the flashlight on the floor. The light went out! I screamed!

Mike bent down to find the flashlight on the floor. The light bulb was broken, "So now what will we do?" I asked. Mike replied, " We have gotten this far without it, we'll be fine, or have you changed your mind about ghosts?" No, of course not," I said. So we continued to walk, feeling our way through the dark. The walls were smooth, but wet. (Cindy)

(Barb) I wondered what could possibly make the walls wet, and then I remembered watching "Ghost Busters" and recalled the "SLIME" and thought, "Could there be some truth to the rumors of the haunting of this house?" It was very humid inside the house, but outside it was arrid.

Mike started singing the song "D'na Nana Nana Nana.....Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!" We both laughed although the sound was hollow without any real enthusiasm. I told Mike that we needed to find something that we could take out of here to show everyone that we were really here and survived without getting eaten by any goblins. "Let's start searching for something unique that would prove we were here." I said.

Now, I thought we have to keep our minds clear, according to the movie and decide what we need to take back to show the others. We continued to sing and I had a thought, maybe a skeleton key, but would that be proof enough? What else could we take back? (Cindy)

[Carley]In the semi-darkness I saw the outline of some furniture in what would be the living room. Maybe this house wasn't empty after all. I made out the shape of a chair and a small side table near the fireplace on the wall across from where we were standing. Odd, I thought. Mike and I made our way over to the other side of the room and low and behold, on the table was a candle and some matches. One thing that was also weird was that the chair and table had no dust on them at all! I struck a match and at the same time that the flame appeared, a flame appeared in the fireplace! Again, I screamed and Mike even jumped back a foot. "I'm outta here", I said. "No, wait" said Mike. "Look closely at that flame. Do you see it?" "See what?" I said. "Look!" Mike could hardly contain his excitement. I made my way in front of Mike to take a closer look, and that's when I saw it too.

[Sukhadev] It was an old trunk box, which was half open. Both of us looked at each other, before looking back at the box. I sensed Mike's hand trying to reach the box and in a whispering voice I said, "Mike, please don't touch it!". Mike knew how eager I was; just like him..... and just then we opened the box. Suddenly, from behind we heard a noise. As we slowly recovered from this shock we noticed a rocking chair close to the fireplace...... "Did you notice that?" I said. " No, bbbut it was still when we came in," said Mike. His point was, is there someone else other than just two of us in the room. I could feel my sweat and hear my pulse. Mike pulled out a diary from the wooden box as I was still looking around the room. He said, "Look Nancy, this might give us a clue....... to whom this belongs." Just then I felt as if someone was watching from the corridor connecting the livingroom. I wasn't sure about it and I was afraid to tell Mike. I pleaded, " Oh Mike, let's leave it and get out of here". Mike{with excitement}: "Nancy!, we're so close with a clue c'mon don't be afraid, we came here to prove something to everyone...." As I heard him say this, my eyes were stuck to the same place, where I felt as if someone was watching us .... slowly I advanced saying " Hello, is anybody there? Is anyone there..?" Mike grabbed the diary and followed me into the corridor!

(Barb)Once again we heard the same eerie sound, as if someone was in pain. We weren't sure, but it sounded like a female voice. We followed the sound, and as we got closer, it sounded like she was softly crying. It was then that Mike noticed a faint green glow coming from the attic stairs. What had happened here? We stealthily climbed the stairs together. All of a sudden...

We realized we were not alone anymore. There was a small girl standing at the top of the stairs holding the cat we had seen just before we entered the house. It wasn't a very pretty cat, but you could tell by the look in the girl's eyes that she adored it. We moved closer to the girl and could see that the cat had been hurt, but we still couldn't figure out what was causing the green glow. The crying girl pointed to...

(Charity) something in the attic. "Hi,sweetheart, can we help you?" we hollered reassurringly. She didn't answer us. After a few seconds, Mike and I looked at each other. I whispered, "What should we do?" We then looked back up the stairs. The girl was gone. "Mike, was the girl real? Was the girl a ghost? "What should we do?" Mike replied confidently, "The girl looked like she needed some help. Let's go and look for her."

We continued up the stairs. We went into the room with the green glow. In the room, we found the girl holding the cat. Our hearts started racing out of curiousity and fear as to what we saw next. The little girl was pointing to the green glow, which was coming from beneath the fireplace. It looked as if their might be a trapped door.

(Joel) Then a portal opened up from beneath the fireplace. Emerald fire leapt out from the portal, engulfing the room. Paint peeled from the walls. Wood blackened, then cracked under the stress. But, we weren't burning. In fact, it wasn't even hot. I put my hands into the flame, but didn't feel any heat. Then, as soon as it had started, the fire ended, leaving no sign it had ever existed. What was going on?

(Sukhadev) We couldnt understand what was goin on. And again the girl disappeared,."Mike, i am scared lets leave this house right now... " Nancy, dont you think we should help the poor one?" We had mixed feelings about the whole place... "Mike, i think this place is no good at all, infact i am sure its haunted". And just then i felt hand on my shoulder.

(Joel) I turned around, but nothing was there. What was going on here? I turned to Mike, and could tell he was thinking the same thing: we need to leave. Now. We ran through the house, but rooms were not in the same place as before. The house had...changed. We opened what should have been the front door, and saw a stairway, leading down into darkness.

Then we heard a sound. Laughter, coming from the darkness. I turned to Mike, but he was gone....

Where had he gone? Should I look for him? Should I go and bring back help? Should I go down into the darkness and find out who was laughing? Where did the little girl disappear too? All these things were running through my head! What should I do? I had to get a grip on myself.... What......(Cindy)

(Joel) Suddenly, everything went black! I stretched my arm straight out into the inky darkness, and couldn't see my hand. Then, I heard a sound. The creaking of wood moving on wood, groaning as it moved against other wood and metal. I felt a chill as an icy breeze blew past me. Then I heard two new sounds. Voices laughing. A girl, and a boy laughing. The voices sounded familiar.

"Mike!" I yelled, but got no answer, only more laughing. It got louder, and I also heard a new voice. It was deep, and evil. I started to smell a dank, noxious odor, and called out again. I didn't get a response, but the house started to...shake. Then I realized what the deep voice was. The house was....laughing. I ran up the stairs. I had to get out of the house. The smell was getting stronger. I started to gag.

I had to get out! I ran up to the main floor of the house, into a dense, black fog. What was this? I could hardly breathe, it started to fill my lungs. Then I heard a voice behind me. I turned around, and everything went white. Now I understood.....

Now I'm here in the house. With the house. With the girl. With Mike. And we're waiting for you....